A Guide to Getting Married in Los Angeles

Getting married is a big decision and requires careful planning. If you’re considering how to get married in Los Angeles, this guide will provide all the information you need to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. From obtaining a marriage license to finding that perfect wedding venue, we’ve got everything covered so you can start planning your dream wedding immediately.

1.   Choose the right wedding planner 

Though you can plan a wedding independently, we strongly urge you to choose a wedding planner. In a place like LA, you have a tonne of variety. And plus, having a great wedding planner will ensure you take full advantage of these choices and have the wedding of your dreams.

That leaves you with one job; finding a wedding planner. Here are some tips:

  • Understand your needs – Knowing what you want before choosing is essential. After all, it’ll be difficult for them to help if you don’t know what you want.
  • Research different vendors – Once you have a fundamental idea, get searching! Look at the different vendors’ testimonials, recent weddings, and more to determine whether they fit you well.
  • Ask questions – Before selecting a vendor, ask questions you have about services, packages, and pricing so you can make an informed decision.

2.   Determine your budget and stick to it 

Once you have a wedding planner, you’ll determine a budget with them. This is excellent as they do this all the time. They’ll be able to guide you through the process, giving you a rough estimation of costs.

Though the process will depend on the wedding planner, it’ll look somewhat similar to the below:

  • Overall budget – Decide the maximum amount you feel comfortable spending on your wedding. (Average price in LA is $37,619)
  • Breaking down expenses – Based on your budget or goals, the wedding planner will start breaking down expenses. These might include attire, flowers, music, catering, and venue costs.
  • Getting a per-head cost – With this information, you’ll get a per-head cost. Now you’ll understand how much each person costs for your wedding. 
  • Prioritization – Depending on your budget and expenses, you may be required to start prioritizing certain aspects of your wedding. For instance, you might have to choose a local country singer instead of having Luke Combs sing at your wedding. 
  • Finalize – Once you’ve finished the figures and are happy with the outcome, the wedding planner can start booking all the necessary people, venues, etc.

Including the above, you need to get a Los Angeles California marriage license. To do this, you must bring a valid government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license), payment of the application fee ($85 to $90), and proof of your Social Security Number. 

You can apply for a marriage license in Los Angeles county at any county clerk’s office in California, and it must be returned to the same office where it was issued. After, you’ll have 90 days after receiving your marriage license to use it; if you do not use it within that time, you will need to obtain a new one. 

Once the wedding ceremony is finished, the person who performed the ceremony must sign and return the license to the county clerk’s office so that it can be recorded.

4.   Pick a venue that fits both your style and your budget 

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions when planning your special day. Therefore, you must select a venue that fits your style and budget perfectly. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect wedding venue in Los Angeles:

  • Research wedding venues online – Use the internet and social media platforms like Instagram to research different venues and find one that best fits your needs. For more inspiration and ideas, consider looking at the Feedspot Top 30 LA Wedding Blogs. These blogs provide a wealth of information on local venues, real wedding stories, and tips from industry professionals. Our website shows a few example wedding venue locations around LA, such as Long BeachHuntington Beach, and Malibu.
  • Visit the venue – Once you have narrowed down a few potential wedding venues, take time out of your schedule to visit each one in person. This will give you a better sense of the atmosphere and layout of the place.
  • Bring your budget – Don’t forget to bring a copy of your wedding budget with you when visiting the venue so that you can ensure that the cost is within your range.
  • Have an open mind – It’s essential to keep an open mind when visiting potential venues. You’ll be surprised how quickly your mind can change, as this wedding location offers everything. From the large, beautiful Los Angeles city hall weddings to the long, sandy beaches. 

When choosing a venue, research as much as you can. Though it seems time-consuming, you’ll be surprised by what you can find. It’s remarkable how many people change their “ideal” wedding location once they see the excellent beaches in Southern California or the rolling hills of Temecula.

5.   Don’t forget the videographers and photographers

Videographers and photographers are an essential part of getting married in California. They capture the moments with high-quality images that’ll serve as timeless reminders of the special day in our lives. Having someone document the vows, first kiss, toasts, and celebratory dances can be a priceless experience.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional to capture your special day, contact our professional team at A Colored Mind. We specialize in wedding photography and videography in LA and the surrounding area. Our team has captured the moments of dozens of weddings, from which you can find videos and photos on our website.

6.   Enjoy!

Once you’ve considered the above, you can wait for the day to come and enjoy it! Nothing can go wrong as you’ve researched the right wedding planner, venue, and videographers/photographers. All you and your spouse need to do is enjoy it, which won’t be very difficult!