Wedding films that tell not just a story, but a story of love

We strive to always go above and beyond

Our wedding films don’t merely capture and document. They do much more than that.

They are a medium through which your love story is narrated. Each frame is meaningful and holds emotions and memories that can never be replaced. At A Colored Mind, we believe we are storytellers more than we are anything else, and you will see for yourself this belief reflects in the work that we do.

Hiring professional videographers is seriously one of the best investments for your wedding day. We are professionals for a reason, and you can see the difference in the finished product. As professional wedding videographers, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to tell a meaningful story from the raw video footage that we shoot.

We, at A Colored Mind, are staunch believers that we are not just videographers and photographers. We are storytellers, and to tell a story in the most touching, meaningful way possible, we believe we must get to know our subjects, our characters – which is you.

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