Los Angeles Wedding Videography

Wedding films that tell not just a story, but a story of love

Our wedding films intricately weave the plethora of emotions that only your wedding day can harbor.

We tell your story like no other because we take the time to understand your vision like no other.

We strive to translate all the emotions on your wedding day into a tangible, visual form. Think of your love story as a beautiful poem.

We turn that poetry into motion

Your wedding day is one of the most significant and important days of your life, a day when you and your loved one promise, in front of your friends and family, to love each other, to be devoted to each other for the rest of eternity. And what good is an eternity if you can’t revisit the best days of your life?

You may not be able to press rewind in real life and go back to the past, but A Colored Mind can help you press all the right buttons to do something close to that. Having your wedding day filmed by us is the closest thing you have to reliving your best memories. Our dedication to you and your story is what makes us one of the top Los Angeles wedding videography teams.

When it comes to wedding videography, Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Temecula, and Corona natives have been coming to A Colored Mind for years for our wedding film services.

We understand that each individual couple is special and different, that they have a different story, different likes, and priorities.

Our years of experience and working with a wide range of clientele have taught us one thing – that the essential element in any wedding film is you. Our goal is to make you the star of your own love story, creating a beautiful and heartwarming film that you can cherish for years to come.

We combine our technical prowess and acute creativity with your personal vision to ensure that the emotional resonance of your story is translated well into your film. We work with a cinematic, storytelling approach, to turn your wedding into a visual work of art.

There is no predetermined editing process with us, which is the number one reason why each and every one of the wedding films we have worked on has such a unique, personal touch to them.

We take the time and effort to perceive what your interests, tastes, and priorities are, and we incorporate these into your wedding film so that you can have a unique and meaningful aesthetic.

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Our wedding films don’t merely capture and document. They do much more than that.

They are a medium through which your love story is narrated. Each frame is meaningful and holds emotions and memories that can never be replaced. At A Colored Mind, we believe we are storytellers more than we are anything else, and you will see for yourself this belief reflects in the work that we do.

Hiring professional videographers is seriously one of the best investments for your wedding day. We are professionals for a reason, and you can see the difference in the finished product. As professional wedding videographers, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to tell a meaningful story from the raw video footage that we shoot.

We, at A Colored Mind, are staunch believers that we are not just videographers and photographers. We are storytellers, and to tell a story in the most touching, meaningful way possible, we believe we must get to know our subjects, our characters – which is you.

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