Rancho Las Lomas Wedding: The Perfect Orange County Wedding Venue for Every Season

Thinking about a Rancho Las Lomas wedding? Or have you already made the beautiful decision to tie the knot at this unique venue? Our comprehensive Rancho Las Lomas guide will provide all the information needed to make your big day absolutely flawless! As an experienced wedding videographer with several Rancho Las Lomas weddings under my belt, I’m eager to share my insights with you! Let’s dive in!

Wedding Themes that Complement a Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

Classic Opulence

Elevate the splendor of Rancho Las Lomas by immersing your wedding in the theme of Classic Opulence, a blend of timeless elegance and majestic sophistication. Imagine an affair where crystal chandeliers twinkle overhead, casting a soft, romantic light across tables draped in the finest linens. Lush white florals stand tall in ornate vases, surrounded by flickering candles and gold accents that add a touch of grandeur to every corner. The bride glides down the aisle in an elegant, timeless dress, perhaps a silhouette that speaks of bygone eras, adorned with delicate lace and pearls. Grooms and groomsmen complement this vision in classic black tuxedos, their lapels pinned with miniature bouquets echoing the bridal floral arrangements. Every detail, from the hand-painted invitations to the grand exit under a sky lit by sparklers, is meticulously planned to encapsulate the essence of classic beauty and opulent sophistication.

Garden Romance

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Rancho Las Lomas, a Garden Romance wedding theme blooms, bringing to life an enchanting tableau inspired by nature’s whimsy. This theme weaves together the natural beauty of blooming flowers, the intricate designs of wrought iron details, and a palette inspired by the garden’s own hues. Tables are set amidst the greenery, adorned with centerpieces of wildflowers and vines that seem to dance in the breeze. The bride embodies the spirit of this garden paradise in an ethereal gown, its fabric flowing like the petals of the flowers surrounding her, detailed with intricate embroidery that mirrors the garden’s own artistry. The air is filled with the scent of fresh, garden-picked herbs and flowers, guiding guests to a feast that celebrates the bounty of nature. As the evening falls, fairy lights twinkle like stars above, casting a soft glow on a setting that is the very essence of romance and natural beauty.

Sleek Modernity

In the lush, historical setting of Rancho Las Lomas, a Sleek Modernity wedding theme stands in captivating contrast, offering a vision of contemporary elegance and minimalist design. This theme embraces a monochrome palette, where shades of white, black, and grey create a sophisticated backdrop, punctuated by bold geometric shapes and clean lines. Decor elements are carefully curated for their simplicity and impact, from sleek, angular furniture to dramatic, monochromatic floral arrangements that make a statement without overwhelming the senses. The bride and groom embody modern chic, with attire that favors sharp lines, tailored fits, and a departure from traditional wedding fashion. The culinary experience reflects this theme’s essence, with beautifully plated dishes that are both a feast for the palate and the eyes, embodying the artistry and innovation of modern cuisine. Lighting plays a pivotal role, with architectural fixtures and strategic spotlights adding to the ambiance of refined sophistication, making every moment of the celebration a testament to the beauty of modern design.

Vintage Glamour

Step back in time at Rancho Las Lomas with a Vintage Glamour wedding theme that pays homage to the golden age of Hollywood or the enchanting elegance of the 1920s to 1940s. Envision your day with antique gold and deep, velvety tones of burgundy and emerald, creating a rich, luxurious palette. Decor could include vintage furniture for lounge areas, classic typewriters for guest messages, and old-Hollywood style lighting, such as soft, glowing lamps and chandeliers. Table settings could feature ornate vintage china, crystal glassware, and feather or pearl accents. The bride could embrace this theme with a gown featuring intricate beadwork or lace, possibly a silhouette reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, complemented by classic hair waves or an elegant updo. Groom attire could lean towards sharp, timeless pieces, perhaps with a bow tie or a vintage brooch. Entertainment could include a jazz band or a swing dance performance, inviting guests to step into a bygone era.

The Best Spots for Your Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Photos

The Grand Courtyard

Capture your pre-wedding moments in the Grand Courtyard. With architectural brilliance and stunning light, it offers an exquisite backdrop for your photographs.

The Zoological Gardens

Rancho Las Lomas boasts an exotic zoological garden that’s perfect for unique and engaging portraits. The vibrant surroundings will add character to your photographs.

The Waterfall

The venue’s waterfall is an extraordinary element and makes for a breathtaking background for couples’ portraits, especially during the soft light of the early evening.

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony Site

The ceremony can take place in the captivating areas within Rancho Las Lomas. Whether you choose the Grand Courtyard or the lush gardens, you’ll find an idyllic setting for your vows.

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding & Events FAQS

What is the Guest Capacity?

Rancho Las Lomas has a maximum guest capacity of 500 people. The Grand Salon can accommodate up to 300 guests for dining, while the Teatro can accommodate up to 400 guests for dining. The outdoor gardens can also be used for events, with a capacity of up to 750 people for standing events.

Here is a breakdown of the guest capacity for each of the event spaces at Rancho Las Lomas:

  • Grand Salon: 300 guests (dining)
  • Teatro: 400 guests (dining)
  • Outdoor Gardens: 750 guests (standing)

Can You Choose Your Own Vendors?

Yes, you can choose your own vendors for your event at Rancho Las Lomas. However, the venue does have a list of preferred vendors that they work with regularly. These vendors are familiar with the venue and its policies, so they can help you to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

If you choose to use a vendor that is not on the preferred list, you will need to obtain written approval from the venue in advance. This is to ensure that the vendor meets the venue’s standards and that they will be able to provide the services that you need.

Here are the steps on how to choose your own vendors for your event at Rancho Las Lomas:

  1. Review the venue’s list of preferred vendors.
  2. Research other vendors that you are interested in.
  3. Get quotes from multiple vendors.
  4. Choose the vendors that best meet your needs and budget.
  5. Obtain written approval from the venue for any vendors that are not on the preferred list.

Does Rancho Las Lomas Host Multiple Weddings Per Day?

No, your Rancho Las Lomas wedding will be the exclusive event of the day. You’ll have the full property at your disposal for photos.

What if the Weather is Unfavorable?

Rancho Las Lomas provides various indoor options as contingencies for poor weather, ensuring that your day is perfect, rain or shine.

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Cost!

The cost of a wedding at Rancho Las Lomas can vary depending on the size of the wedding, the date, and the specific services that are included. However, the average base cost for a Rancho Las Lomas wedding is $38,000. This includes the rental fee for the venue, catering, bar service, rentals, and staffing.

Here is a breakdown of the average base cost:

  • Rental fee: $3,000–$9,000
  • Catering: $175/person
  • Bar service: $22–$30/person
  • Rentals: $2,000–$5,000
  • Staffing: $1,000–$2,000

Here are some tips for reducing the cost of your wedding at Rancho Las Lomas:

  • Choose a date during the off-season.
  • Have a smaller wedding.
  • Choose less expensive catering options.
  • Do some of the planning and decorating yourself.

Rancho Las Lomas is a beautiful venue that can host a truly unforgettable wedding. With careful planning, you can have a wedding that is both luxurious and affordable.

Please note that the prices can vary widely, and it’s wise to contact Rancho Las Lomas for a personalized quote tailored to your unique preferences.

Crucial tips for a Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

A Culinary Delight Awaits You!

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue that serves mouthwatering cuisine, look no further than Rancho Las Lomas. With vast experience in hosting numerous weddings, this venue has become renowned for providing a delightful and diverse menu that will leave your guests impressed!

The Charm of Outdoor Dining

Rancho Las Lomas provides catering choices that range from elegant plated meals to a more relaxed buffet style. Especially in such a beautiful Southern California setting, the buffet option can add a casual and fun touch to your big day, presenting a multitude of flavors and styles for your guests to savor.

Prepared for Unpredictable Weather

An outdoor venue like Rancho Las Lomas demands a weather-proof plan, particularly during those uncertain Winter or Spring months in SoCal. Make sure to have a contingency plan for tents and space heaters to keep everyone comfortable if the weather turns wet or chilly!

Hotels Near Rancho Las Lomas

Guests traveling to join your celebration? Here’s a list of some quality accommodations near the venue!

Irvine Marriott – The Irvine Marriott in Southern California offers sophisticated accommodations, modern amenities, and convenient access to nearby attractions, making it a preferred choice for both business travelers and vacationers.

Address: 18000 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612 (19 miles away from Rancho Las Lomas)
Phone: (949) 553-0100

Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa – Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa, located atop the cliffs in Dana Point, provides luxurious accommodations, world-class spa facilities, and breathtaking ocean views, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Address: 25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629 (19 miles away from Rancho Las Lomas)
Phone: (949) 661-5000

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel – Perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel offers an elegant and luxurious retreat, featuring upscale amenities, fine dining, and panoramic coastal views, ideal for both leisurely vacations and special occasions.

Address: One Ritz Carlton Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629 (18 miles away from Rancho Las Lomas)
Phone: (949) 240-2000

Courtyard by Marriott Irvine Spectrum – Courtyard by Marriott Irvine Spectrum is a contemporary hotel that provides comfortable accommodations, convenient access to the Irvine Spectrum Center, and a range of modern amenities tailored to meet the needs of both business travelers and leisure guests.

Address: 7955 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618 (13 miles away from Rancho Las Lomas)
Phone: (949) 453-1033

DoubleTree by Hilton Irvine Spectrum – DoubleTree by Hilton Irvine Spectrum, situated near the bustling Irvine Spectrum Center, offers guests a blend of comfort and convenience with well-appointed rooms, modern amenities, and easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Address: 90 Pacifica, Irvine, CA 92618 (12 miles away from Rancho Las Lomas)
Phone: (949) 471-8888

Consider the Sunlight for Your Ceremony

While Rancho Las Lomas offers stunning vistas, it can get quite warm, especially during the summer. Schedule your ceremony around the golden hour to avoid direct sun exposure. This timing not only ensures comfort but helps capture beautiful photographs without harsh shadows.

Ease of Parking at Rancho Las Lomas

No need to stress over transportation; Rancho Las Lomas has ample parking space. Guests can move smoothly from one part of the celebration to another, adding to the venue’s convenience factor.


Surrounded by Natural Splendor

Situated within the beauty of Orange County, Rancho Las Lomas’ Grand Salon is a superb location to celebrate your big day. With its architectural marvels, tranquil water features, and rustic appeal, the venue radiates warmth and intimacy. The nearby surroundings are filled with opportunities to explore and enjoy.


Nestled within the lush landscape of Orange County, Rancho Las Lomas’ EL TEATRO is a breathtaking venue to commemorate your special event. Framed by natural splendor, this remarkable setting is known for its elegant architecture, serene water elements, and distinctive charm. EL TEATRO exudes an ambiance of warmth and exclusivity, making it an ideal backdrop for any celebration. The nearby surroundings, rich with wildlife and botanical beauty, invite guests to wander and take pleasure in the unique blend of nature and sophistication that defines EL TEATRO at Rancho Las Lomas.

10 Exciting Activities For Wedding Guests Near Rancho Las Lomas

  1. Whale Watching at Dana Point: Witness majestic sea creatures in their natural habitat.
  2. Visit Irvine Spectrum Center: A shopping and dining paradise.
  3. Hiking in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park: Ideal for nature enthusiasts.
  4. Golfing: With many beautiful courses nearby, golf lovers will have plenty to enjoy.
  5. Spa Day at a Luxury Spa: Pamper your guests with a day of relaxation.
  6. Take a Cooking Class: A fun and unique experience for food lovers.
  7. Art Galleries and Museums: Discover Orange County’s vibrant art scene.
  8. Surfing at Laguna Beach: Catch some waves in this famous surfing spot.
  9. Winery Tours: Explore local wineries and enjoy tastings.
  10. Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano: A rich historical experience awaits.


Rancho Las Lomas, a gem in Orange County, offers an exquisite blend of sophistication, nature, and luxury. The Grand Salon and EL TEATRO, with their elegant charm, presents an unforgettable backdrop for your love story to unfold. The rancho las lomas price, combined with outstanding amenities and a dedicated team, make it an extraordinary choice for your celebration. Get in touch with us today for Orange County wedding photographer and videography services tailored to your dream day.

Rancho Las Lomas Contact Info:

Address: 19191 Lawrence Canyon, Silverado, CA 92676

Phone: (949) 888-3080

Website: rancholaslomas.com