Catalina View Gardens – Southern California’s Premier Wedding Destination

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If you’re considering a wedding at Catalina View Gardens or have already chosen this stunning location for your big day, this guide will provide all the insider tips and information you need to make your wedding truly unforgettable. As a seasoned wedding filmmaker who has had the privilege of capturing some weddings at this beautiful venue, I’m thrilled to share my in-depth knowledge with you. Let’s dive in!

Wedding Themes that Perfectly Suit a Catalina View Gardens Wedding

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Oceanic Elegance

Meld the serene beauty of Catalina View Gardens with tasteful, ocean-inspired elements like driftwood centerpieces and soft, seafoam-colored floral arrangements.

Garden Grandeur

Leverage the garden setting with a garden-inspired theme featuring green leafy accents, vibrant florals, and a fresh-from-the-garden menu. Opt for a classic wedding dress with an elegant, flowing silhouette, V-neckline, and subtle lace accents that reflect the romantic backdrop.

Contemporary Chic

Infuse your Catalina View Gardens wedding with a palette of cool neutrals and chic, streamlined decor.

The Prime Spots for Your Catalina View Gardens Wedding Photos and Videos

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Gardens Around the Getting Ready Rooms

The getting ready rooms at Catalina View Gardens may not have the best light for photography, but don’t fret. Just outside these rooms, there’s a beautiful garden area that gets stunning light, making it a perfect spot for these essential photographs.

The Stone Path

Catalina View Gardens boasts an expansive stone path adjacent to the ceremony site, bordered by lush greenery with a panoramic ocean view. The path provides a soft reflected light that brings out the best in your portraits.

The Vineyards

The vineyard is a stunning feature of this venue that you should definitely consider as a backdrop for your photos. Please note there’s limited shade in this area, so plan your photo sessions around golden hour or earlier in the day to avoid harsh shadows.

Catalina View Gardens Ceremony Site

The main ceremony site at Catalina View Gardens is a verdant lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This area provides an exquisite backdrop for breathtaking portraits.

The Olive Grove

The venue’s charming olive grove is another picturesque aspect that should be utilized for some romantic couple portraits, especially during the golden hour.

Catalina View Gardens FAQS

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What is the Guest Capacity?

Catalina View Gardens can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests.

Does Catalina View Gardens Host Multiple Weddings Per Day?

No, when you rent the venue, you’ll have exclusive use of the property. You’re free to take photographs throughout the venue.

Is there a possibility to continue the event past 9:30pm?

Based on the regulations of their permit, all events must conclude by 9:30pm at the latest. This indicates that music must be silenced, no more food or drinks can be served, and attendees should commence their departure.

Are live bands allowed at the venue?

Due to noise level limitations, Catalina View Gardens restricts music provision to DJs from their curated list of approved professionals. These DJs have consistently adhered to the venue’s sound level guidelines, ensuring a vibrant dance floor that respects noise restrictions.

Can we hire our preferred caterer?

Catalina View Gardens requires clients to use caterers from their approved list, with whom contracts are made directly. These caterers hold all necessary insurance and permits. The list comprises a broad range of food styles and price points, ensuring all caterers provide excellent service.

Is an event planner required?

Yes, to ensure a smooth event that is beneficial for both parties, Catalina View Gardens necessitates the use of an event planner from their approved list for at least the final month of planning.

How can I arrange a tour of the venue?

Property tours are strictly by appointment. To schedule a tour, kindly visit Catalina View Gardens Contact Page or send them an email at catalinaviewgardens@gmail.com.

Can we serve Catalina View Wines at our event?

Absolutely! Catalina View Wines are available for purchase to be served at your event or for personal enjoyment.

At what time do events typically commence?

Most events kick off at 3:30pm. Given that events can last for 6 hours, this start time ensures that the event concludes by the stipulated 9:30pm end time. However, if you decide to start at 3:00pm, your event should end by 9:00pm.

What is the contingency plan in case of rain?

Given that Catalina View Gardens is entirely outdoors, the management strongly advises all their clients to have a backup plan in case of rain. Tent rentals are available through their exclusive rental provider to cope with such scenarios.

When can we start setting up for our event?

Setup can commence from 11:00am on the event day. All items brought in on the day should be removed at the end of the event, excluding rentals from their exclusive provider, which are collected the following morning.

Essential Tips for a Catalina View Gardens Wedding

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Amazing Culinary Experience!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and an unforgettable meal can make it even more memorable! Having been a part of numerous weddings, I can attest that some venues indeed excel in the food department. Catalina View Gardens is definitely one such venue, offering a wide and delightful selection of culinary delights for your guests!

Explore Their Catering Styles

Catalina View Gardens boasts its in-house catering, offering both plated and buffet styles. While the plated service brings an air of sophistication, the buffet option at this Palos Verdes wedding venue is something you should certainly consider. The buffet allows guests to experience an even greater variety of dishes than a traditional plated meal.

Prepare for Weather Contingencies

Being an outdoor wedding venue, Catalina View Gardens is subject to the whims of weather. If you’re planning a Winter or Spring wedding when rainfall is a possibility in Southern California, it would be wise to have a backup plan. This could include tent rental options and space heaters to ensure comfort for you and your guests.

Accommodation Options Near Catalina View Gardens

If your guests are traveling from afar for your special day, here are some recommended hotels in close proximity to the venue:

Terranea Resort

DoubleTree by Hilton San Pedro

Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel

The Vagabond Inn San Pedro

Timing Your Ceremony to Avoid Intense Sunlight

Catalina View Gardens Wedding Ceremony

While the ceremony site at Catalina View Gardens is undoubtedly breathtaking, it lacks shade. During the hotter months, this could lead to discomfort for guests and the wedding party under the intense midday sun. Therefore, it’s suggested to schedule your ceremony closer to the golden hour (the hour before sunset). Not only will this ensure a more pleasant temperature, but it will also provide more flattering light for your photos by avoiding harsh shadows.

Parking at Catalina View Gardens

Easy parking can greatly contribute to the comfort of your guests. Good news – Catalina View Gardens provides ample parking! There’s no need to worry about shuttling your guests from location to location, making logistics a breeze.

Benefits of Celebrating Your Special Day at Catalina View Gardens

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Bask in Natural Beauty

Catalina View Gardens offers a splendid natural setting. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the adjacent vineyard, you’re guaranteed a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. The reception area is open-air, ample, and adorned with twinkling lights, creating a dreamy atmosphere. An indoor dancing area is also available for those cooler evenings.

The Prime Location of Catalina View Gardens

Situated in the picturesque Palos Verdes Peninsula, Catalina View Gardens offers a beautiful locale for your special day. If your guests are making a weekend of it, they’ll have plenty to do in the surrounding areas. From scenic coastal walks to exploring quaint local shops and restaurants, this location offers something for everyone!


Catalina View Gardens Couples Vineyards Romantic Shot

At Catalina View Gardens, tucked away in the scenic beauty of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, you’ll discover a venue where style meets serenity to shape your dream wedding. This extraordinary Palos Verdes wedding venue offers an unforgettable experience, inviting you and your guests to celebrate your love story amidst panoramic ocean views and vineyard charm. With its stunning natural backdrop, top-notch amenities, and a dedicated team, Catalina View Gardens is the perfect setting for your journey into forever. Get in touch with us today for all your wedding photography and videography needs.

Catalina View Gardens Contact Info:

Address: 6001 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Phone: (310) 544-6177

Website: catalinaviewgardens.com