How to capture the joy of music through your wedding photography

With so many moments of joy, love and laughter to be shared at your wedding, you’ll naturally want to capture as many of these beautiful interactions as possible. Hiring a professional photographer is an important decision, and for couples who are passionately in-tune with their musical preferences, there’s even more weight on picking the right cameraman.

A key element of any wedding is the soundtrack. Music has the remarkable ability to enhance emotions, providing the perfect setting for fun, spontaneity and memorable photos.

As a wedding photographer, capturing the joy that music brings is a powerful skill.

Here, we discover how you can incorporate music into your wedding so that it is effortlessly reflected in the cherished images of your special day.

Choose Meaningful Songs

The songs that fill your day should have romantic meanings to you as a couple. Whether it’s the song that was playing during your first meeting or one that tells your unique love story, using these tracks to serenade your guests will ensure the atmosphere is right for your wedding day. And when your guests are swooning, it’ll be clear on their faces and within their energy – creating plenty of natural, candid photo opportunities to easily capture the emotions your playlist evokes.

You don’t have to be restricted to a DJ for your wedding entertainment, live bands in a multitude of genres bring a dose of personality and add a new layer of intimacy and indulgence to your day. From soulful jazz bands to string quartets, to smooth blues players or folk groups, which style of live band you select will impact both the ambience and your wedding photos. After all, if you want to look back on snapshots of your loved ones busting a move, you’ll need to choose the right music to fit the scene.

Set the Scene

Setting the scene of your wedding encompasses the music just as much as it does the decor. In fact, it can even serve as decor; if you’re choosing a band in a specific style, the instruments, stage set-up, lighting or sheet music can act as wonderful background props for your wedding photos. You can also incorporate musical details into your wedding decor to reflect your love of music, adding visual interest to your photos with themed tableware, ornaments or cake toppers. Try to match your theme to the style of music for a seamless feeling.

It’s important to choose a photographer who is experienced with capturing candid moments, as these are what you’ll be left with to bring the music and the moment to mind in years to come. From the emotional exchange of vows during your ceremony to the first dance, they should be able to capture the feelings of joy from these precious moments.

Maintain Good Communication

When curating the special details of your wedding, speak openly about your expectations with your photographer to ensure they understand what is important to you and how you envision your wedding album. Always remember to check the references and work of previous clients before booking them – it’s better to be thorough at the beginning than have to let someone go further down the timeline.