Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venues in Malibu

malibu sea view estate wedding couple.

Weddings are a time of love and celebration, so where is it better to exchange vows than in Malibu’s breathtaking landscape?
Malibu has been a favorite location for couples tying the knot due to its amazing natural beauty and diversity of indoor and outdoor wedding venues.
A Malibu wedding is one that you and your guests will always remember. And believe us when we say it is astonishing: We were fortunate enough to capture a wedding on one of the gorgeous malibu wedding venues, the sea view estate in Malibu.

Malibu Sea View Estate wedding ceremony guests.

The wedding of Chelsea and Taylor at Malibu Sea View Estate was lovely. From the elegant bridal gown to the decor, everything was impeccable. 

We want you to experience Malibu as we and everyone who attended Chelsea and Taylor’s wedding did. Therefore, let us assist you:

malibu sea view estate wedding bride getting ready.

Is a Malibu Wedding For You? 

Malibu could help if you and your future bride look for an elegant wedding theme. This location is recommended if you are looking for:

  • Natural beauty – With its rolling hills, clean beaches, and breathtaking sunsets, Malibu provides beautiful natural backdrops for a wedding.
  • Indoor & outdoor variety – Whether you envision a coastal wedding or a warm indoor reception, Malibu offers a selection of indoor and outdoor venues.
  • Premium vendors & services – Malibu is home to some of the best wedding providers and services in the business, making organizing a flawless wedding day simple.
  • Perfect weather conditions – With its mild climate and bright skies, it is the ideal setting for an outdoor wedding.
  • A diverse number of dress options – This one is for the brides out there, but you will also have the option to choose several dresses. Because of its unique location, you are not restricted on what you can and cannot wear. Therefore, you can have highly stylish wedding dresses. 
malibu sea view estate bride's wedding dress.

If you want a location for wedding that includes the above, then Malibu is for you. 

As you can see from the Chelsea and Taylor video, the overall location is highly diverse. In a single wedding video, you have a huge mixture of scenery, from rolling hills to beaches, making Malibu the perfect place for a wedding day. 

Malibu Sea View Estate wedding ceremony setup.

Making Your Dream Malibu Wedding

When planning your dream Malibu wedding, the venue is crucial. These vendors have wedding experience. The place has been utilized for this purpose for many years, and most are well-equipped to make your wedding wishes come true.

Several exceptional locations include the Malibu Sea View Estate, Palisades Villa, Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding, Paradise Cove Beach Café, Calamigos Ranch, and Latigo Shore Estate. However, which one you choose will depend on the following:

  • Budget – Each of the locations in Malibu fluctuates in pricing. Therefore, discover a budget and see what venues suit it. 
  • Guest count – Some venues are more suited to smaller or larger crowds. As a result, it is important to find somewhere that fits your guests. 
  • Wedding style – Do you want an elegant wedding venue on the beach, in the rolling hills, or perhaps inside? Choose this and select a venue that can cater to it. 
  • Date – Malibu is a popular destination for weddings year-round, so it’s important to book your venue early.

Our Favorite Malibu Wedding Venues

Sea View Estate

Imagine pledging your love at Sea View Estate, where the boundless ocean mirrors the depth of your affection. This exquisite venue, designed with the majesty of nature, unfolds the perfect stage for weddings, allowing every heartfelt vow to echo amidst the gentle waves. As the sun sets, it bathes the Estate in a tender glow, casting a magical illumination over your love-infused moments. Its every corner reverberates with romance, embracing your celebration in a cocoon of tranquility. The sea breeze, rich with the essence of the ocean, weaves through your dreams, making every promise a cherished memory.

  • Location: Perched atop the scenic hills of Malibu, the Sea View Estate offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, ensuring guests are treated to the vast beauty of California’s coastline.
  • Ambiance: This luxurious property combines the charm of a private residence with the grandeur of an elite wedding venue. Its modern architecture seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty surrounding it, resulting in a harmonious blend of indoor luxury and outdoor splendor.
  • Versatility: The estate offers multiple spaces to host various wedding events. Whether you envision an outdoor ceremony overlooking the ocean, a poolside cocktail hour, or an intimate indoor reception, the Sea View Estate caters to diverse wedding styles.
  • Elegance: The interior of the Sea View Estate boasts of refined décor, high ceilings, and expansive windows that flood the spaces with natural light while framing the stunning ocean vistas. It’s an epitome of modern luxury.
  • Photo Opportunities: The venue provides an array of spectacular photo backdrops. From the vast blue of the ocean, serene sunsets, manicured gardens to the stylish indoor settings, every corner promises a picture-perfect moment.
  • Exclusivity: Given its status as a private estate, couples can expect a high level of privacy and personalized attention, making their wedding feel intimate and unique.

When considering the Sea View Estate, it’s crucial to liaise with the management to understand the specifics of what they offer and any restrictions in place. This ensures a smooth wedding planning process and a memorable celebration at this exquisite venue.

Palisades Villa

Palisades Villa, with its breathtaking views and refined elegance, offers the perfect setting for your wedding. The venue boasts an open, airy aesthetic, inviting natural light to cast a warm glow over your ceremony. Its immaculate gardens provide a stunning backdrop for photos, while the grand ballroom delivers sophistication for your reception. Equipped with modern amenities and a dedicated staff, Palisades Villa ensures a flawless, memorable event, making your special day even more extraordinary.

  • Location: Situated in the prestigious Malibu hills, Palisades Villa offers a secluded haven with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush Californian landscape. Its elevated position captures the essence of coastal luxury.
  • Ambiance: Palisades Villa exudes opulence and sophistication. The Mediterranean-inspired architecture complements the surrounding beauty, creating a romantic and lavish atmosphere. Its elegant archways, detailed stonework, and expansive terraces invite guests to indulge in its grandeur.
  • Versatility: This estate is adaptable to various wedding visions. Whether it’s a sunset ceremony on the sprawling lawns, a cocktail hour by the infinity pool, or a grand reception in its banquet hall, Palisades Villa ensures every event feels distinct and memorable.
  • Luxury Features: Beyond its architectural beauty, the villa boasts a range of upscale amenities. From the state-of-the-art kitchen, sumptuous suites, and lavish entertainment areas, every detail speaks of luxury and refinement.
  • Photo Opportunities: The venue is a photographer’s dream. The combination of ocean vistas, manicured gardens, sophisticated interiors, and the villa’s architectural beauty provides countless options for memorable wedding shots.
  • Privacy: Being a private estate, the Palisades Villa offers an intimate setting, ensuring couples and their guests can celebrate without any disturbances. Its exclusive ambiance adds a touch of distinction to the wedding festivities.

Engaging directly with the venue’s management is essential to grasp the offerings and any constraints, ensuring your wedding planning is seamless and in line with your vision. The Palisades Villa promises an unforgettable experience, capturing the heart of Malibu’s luxury and natural beauty.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding

Perched atop the splendid Malibu hills, Malibu Rocky Oaks presents a majestic setting for weddings. The expansive vineyards paint a picturesque backdrop, while the estate’s Tuscan-inspired architecture imbues a timeless elegance to your ceremony. Breathtaking 360-degree views, a stunning infinity pool, and luxurious amenities combine to make your day unforgettable. The venue’s experienced team ensures seamless event coordination, allowing you to fully immerse in the joy of your celebration.

  • Location: Situated atop the majestic peaks of Malibu’s mountain range, Malibu Rocky Oaks provides an awe-inspiring aerial view of the vast vineyards, the rolling hills, and the shimmering Pacific Ocean in the distance.
  • Ambiance: With its Tuscan-inspired architecture, Malibu Rocky Oaks exudes an old-world charm that seamlessly blends with the surrounding natural grandeur. The stone-built estate, surrounded by 37 acres of vineyards, creates an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of a European vineyard getaway.
  • Versatility: This estate caters to a range of wedding visions. From intimate ceremonies at the helipad with 360-degree views, receptions by the infinity pool overlooking the vines, to elegant dinners in the grand villa, every event is destined to be picturesque.
  • Unique Features: The highlight of the venue is undoubtedly its helipad ceremony location, where couples can exchange vows surrounded by panoramic views of Malibu’s landscape. The vineyards not only offer a scenic backdrop but also provide an opportunity for wine tastings from estate-grown vintages.
  • Photo Opportunities: Malibu Rocky Oaks is a treasure trove for photographers. The dramatic landscapes, the sun setting over vineyards, the intricate details of the villa, and the iconic pool shots with mountain backdrops ensure every moment is captured flawlessly.
  • Exclusivity: Offering a sense of remote luxury, this estate ensures utmost privacy and personalized attention. The venue’s limited availability for public events adds to its exclusivity, making each wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

When considering Malibu Rocky Oaks for your special day, it’s vital to engage with the venue’s coordinators to understand the nuances of hosting an event there. This iconic venue promises an unforgettable celebration, marked by the elegance of the estate and the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings.

Calamigos Ranch

Situated amidst the rolling hills of Malibu, Calamigos Ranch is a premier choice for weddings. This venue’s lush greenery, tranquil waterfalls, and serene lakes create a picturesque backdrop for your celebration. Its distinct indoor-outdoor spaces provide versatility, offering rustic charm and elegance. Calamigos Ranch’s dedicated staff ensure a smoothly-run event, while its exquisite culinary options satisfy even the most discerning palate, promising an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

  • Location: Tucked away in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, Calamigos Ranch spans over 250 acres and offers a serene retreat amidst the rustic charm of Malibu’s enchanting wilderness.
  • Ambiance: Calamigos Ranch is a fusion of natural beauty and classic elegance. Its grounds feature tranquil lakes, cascading waterfalls, private cottages, and lush greenery, creating an idyllic setting that transports guests to a romantic oasis.
  • Versatility: The ranch boasts several unique event spaces, each with its distinct character. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic barn, the starlit terrace, or the serene lakeside, Calamigos Ranch caters to a myriad of wedding styles and sizes.
  • Unique Features: One of the standout features is the vintage carousel, adding a whimsical touch to wedding festivities. The ranch also offers a range of activities like horseback riding, ensuring guests have a memorable experience.
  • Photo Opportunities: With its varied landscapes – from majestic oak trees, twinkle-lit pathways, serene bodies of water, to rustic architectural elements – Calamigos Ranch is a haven for capturing timeless wedding moments.
  • Experience: Having hosted events for over 60 years, Calamigos Ranch brings a wealth of experience to wedding celebrations. Their dedicated team ensures every detail is meticulously planned, from the menu curated from their on-site farm to the ambiance set by the venue’s natural beauty.

For couples considering Calamigos Ranch, it’s recommended to schedule a tour to fully appreciate the venue’s vast offerings and to engage with their event specialists for tailored planning. The charm of Calamigos Ranch promises an unforgettable wedding celebration, encapsulated by nature’s splendor and timeless elegance.

The Adamson House Wedding


Imagine declaring your eternal bond at The Adamson House, where the confluence of history and nature manifests a setting of timeless romance. This iconic venue, steeped in the elegance of the past and kissed by the Pacific’s gentle whispers, unveils an unparalleled backdrop for matrimonial bliss. As twilight approaches, the historic tiles and gardens gleam under a golden hue, serenading your shared moments with an ethereal light. Every nook of this historic abode resonates with tales of love, wrapping your nuptial festivities in layers of enchantment. The coastal zephyrs, laden with stories of bygone eras, dance around you, ensuring every whispered “I do” is etched into the annals of time.

  • Location: Located right on Malibu Lagoon State Beach, the Adamson House provides a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the Malibu coastline. It’s a historic Spanish Colonial Revival style home.
  • Ambiance: The venue boasts of stunning tilework, beautiful gardens, and a unique, intimate feel. The grounds include well-maintained lawns, colorful flower beds, and a backdrop of palm trees and the ocean. The historic home itself is an architectural masterpiece with its detailed tilework and design.
  • Versatility: Whether you want a beachfront ceremony, a garden reception, or a combination of both, the Adamson House offers a versatile setup.
  • History: The house itself is a National Historic Site and California Historical Landmark, adding a touch of historic charm to your wedding.
  • Photo Opportunities: Given its prime location and beautiful surroundings, there are numerous spots for incredible wedding photos, including beachfront shots, garden captures, and architectural backdrops.

It’s essential to book well in advance and check with the venue about any specific requirements or restrictions, especially since it’s a historical site. I hope this helps and best wishes for your wedding planning!

Additional Points That Might Be Useful


Malibu is easily accessible from Los Angeles and other major Californian cities, making it convenient for local and out-of-town guests alike. However, it’s important to plan transport logistics in advance, particularly if the venue is located in a more secluded area.

Local Attractions:

Malibu is also home to a number of local attractions, including excellent restaurants, boutique shops, and renowned wine tasting experiences. These can provide enjoyable activities for guests in the days surrounding the wedding.


It’s crucial to remember that popular wedding locations, like Malibu, can book out months or even years in advance. If you’ve set your heart on a particular venue, it’s advisable to secure your date as early as possible.

Environmentally Friendly Options:

With its natural beauty, many couples in Malibu choose to have an environmentally-friendly or ‘green’ wedding. There are many local vendors who can provide sustainable options, from catering to decorations.

Licensing Requirements:

Depending on the specific location and style of your wedding, you may need to secure certain permits or licenses. Be sure to research the legal requirements well in advance to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Wedding Planner:

Given the range of venues and suppliers in the area, a local wedding planner who knows the Malibu scene well might be a valuable investment. They can help you navigate the options and find the best match for your vision and budget.

Though there are many more factors to consider, these information can help you narrow your venue choice.

Malibu Sea View Estate wedding party.

Have a Malibu Wedding! 

As you can see, a Malibu wedding offers breathtaking natural beauty and a range of indoor and outdoor venues.

The wedding of Chelsea and Taylor perfectly illustrates this, and we are delighted with the wedding video we filmed. If you want a wedding video like this in Malibu or the surrounding California area, contact a creative representative at A Colored Mind today.

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