Jessica & Emilie’s Jewish LGBT Wedding at Ebell Long Beach

ebell long beach LGBTQ wedding parties

At A Colored Mind, we’re passionate when providing our videography services to all clients. Our wedding packages help narrate, capture, and keep wedding memories for years to come. This, along with excellent hosts, brides, and guests, makes for a fantastic video, like the project we recently completed. 

The project we’re discussing is the latest one – Jessica and Emilie’s Jewish Wedding at Ebell of Long Beach, a beautiful long beach wedding venue. As the gentle ocean breeze caresses the lush gardens and intricate Spanish-Revival architecture, Ebell Long Beach stands as a testament to the enduring nature of love. In a world where trends come and go, this historic gem continues to enchant countless couples, offering them an enchanting space to begin their own journey into the annals of time.

One of the biggest benefits of getting married at the Ebell Long Beach is the sense of history and tradition that surrounds the venue. Built in 1924, this elegant and timeless space has played host to countless weddings and events over the years, and its grandeur and beauty only seem to increase with age.

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In addition to its rich history, the Ebell Long Beach offers a variety of spaces that are perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other special events. From the elegant ballroom to the lush outdoor garden, each area of the venue is designed to create a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of getting married at the Ebell Long Beach is the feeling of romance and love that permeates the entire space. Whether you’re exchanging vows in the intimate courtyard, enjoying a delicious meal in the grand ballroom, or dancing the night away under the stars, there’s a sense of magic and enchantment that fills the air, making your special day all the more meaningful and memorable.

This wedding of Jessica and Emilie that we filmed was unique. The messages surrounding the LGBTQ wedding ceremony were inspiring and something we are proud to share. 

LGBT Weddings at Ebell Long Beach

Jessica and Emilie’s LGBT Wedding Ceremony at Ebell Long Beach 

The wedding video we created for the newly married brides, Jessica and Emilie, was fantastic. It wasn’t just a fun, engaging, memorable moment; it filled and energized our hearts. The words, wisdom, and encouragement felt were enough for anyone  to feel heart-warmed. 

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As videographers in Los Angeles, we are honored to capture these beautiful moments and articulate them in video. Everybody that attended made this day. From the bride’s dresses, excellently spoken words, and their perfect love story as a backdrop to all the loveliness. 

The day was already exceptional. But what really stood out to us was the story between Jessica and Emilie. In the darkest times of 2020, the pandemic’s peak is when these brides met each other. Despite the horror of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and quarantines, two companions found ever-lasting love. 

ebell long beach LGBTQ wedding couple.

For many, this was the darkest time of their lives. However, Jessica and Emilie managed to turn this negative into a love-filled adventure, leading us to the creation of this LGBTQ wedding video. 

The guests and parents of the brides were incredible to witness. With such an amazing atmosphere, we quickly discovered that everybody was celebrating one thing – two people expressing love for each other. 

However, there was one speech that made us reflect on our world. 

LGBT Weddings at Ebell Long Beach

One Important Message for Everyone 

The officiant’s words during the ceremony were perfectly executed. And, she didn’t only shed some wise words on the brides but also something everyone should know: 

“It is a practice that calls us to remember that the world is still a broken place, with much work to be done to repair it, we trust that your love and the family you build will be part of the healing of the world that we need so much.” 

In a time when still so many are not treated with equality, it’s important to remember that love is everywhere. And everyone has the right to be loved with respect, dignity, and honor.

Instead of discouraging people from finding love in their personal way, encourage them. And together, we can fix this broken place of discrimination with love. 

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Ebell Long Beach weddings are a celebration of love that transcends time and space, weaving together the past, present, and future into a beautiful tapestry of emotion and devotion. As couples embark on their journey into matrimony, the Ebell of Long Beach serves as a reminder of the enduring nature of love, providing a captivating setting for the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. In the enchanting world of Ebell Long Beach, love truly is a historical love affair, one that knows no bounds and is as timeless as the stars themselves.

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All weddings are important, as it’s the day couples come together to commit their lives to one another. However, Jessica and Emilie’s wedding words, wisdom, and encouragement were one of a kind.  

At A Coloured Mind, we visit the most beautiful places to get married in California for soon-to-be-married couples and help them create wedding videos they’ll remember forever. To remember the moment like Jessica and Emillie, contact us today.

Wedding Planner: Moxie Bright Events
Venue: The Ebell Club Long Beach
Catering & Bar: Très LA Catering
Photography: Monica Linda Photography
Entertainment & Musicians: DJ Keelez & Assoc
Florals: Flores de Bosquez
Photobooth: Oh Snaptastic
Cookies: Diddy Riese
Vintage Glassware: Dish Wish
Transportation: Riz Transportation
Stationery: Minted
Hair & Makeup: Face it Sugar
Emilie Attire: Garnet & Grace
Jess Attire: A Royal Moment